Bears And Humans Can Co-Exist Thanks To Wrangler Steve | The Bear Whisperer | Real Wild

Published 2019-04-17
The Bear Whisperer follows professional bear-wrangler, Steve, over the course of several months as he uses non-lethal means to ensure that humans and bears can co-exist. In a resort town where tourists and bears collide, it's up to Steve to keep the peace.

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All Comments (21)
  • @northernlitez1
    In a world of such destruction.....this is absolutely awesome. This world needs more like Steve.
  • Everything about this whole scenario is wonderful. A man who loves his unique job protecting our wonderful wildlife doing a fantastic service for a supportive community and backed by a loving supportive wife and a proud secure son. 100% AWESOME.
  • @BS-dq1kz
    I knew by watching these videos that Steve made a difference but until I read that part at the very end I had no idea just how big of a difference he makes! Not a single bear killed in 12 years with all those bears in that area around all those people! Awesome! I really hope Ace ends up ok! He didn’t have a choice considering he had no momma to teach him:( Cut him some slack!
  • What a wonderful caring man! It's so good to see there's someone who understands and really cares about the welfare of these animals !!by understanding these bears he's keeping the people safe as well which in turn makes people caring about the bears! Excellent video!!
  • This man is incredible! The bears know he is the boss! That's important and they fear him. Yet he gives the bears respect. You can tell he loves the bears. He has taught the bears to respect humans. Steve is a celebrity! I'm so amazed at how he has dedicated his life to this town, the people and the bears 🐻
  • @jaburkhart3790
    This was great. Loved watching and love that each bear gets a chance to live as long as they learn their lesson.
  • What a wonderful human being. I hope more people take what he has learned and is teaching about bears. Their intelligence is known yet rarely utilized to keep them, and people, safe. My best wishes to Steve and everyone affiliated with his work. ✌😎🤘
  • @amirahsadre4570
    What a great person. I wish all hunters would become like him.
  • This is very special to watch and so are you Steve. Glad there is someone out there showing compassion for bears just responding to human encroachment.
  • @Fiona-sg9wh
    What a great video on the bear whisperer. Really well done. Steve was just a pleasure to watch teaching the bears and people about how to be safe. Really seems like a great guy. I loved seeing those bears and hearing about them from Steve.
  • @missmee7210
    What he did for that dead bear was damn beautiful. I love Steve. They have since this episode had to put down one bear. Blondie started breaking into houses the following year and was taken down by a sheriff. Her and Steve both cried. So did I. RIP Blondie
  • @Ivar_83
    This brings tears to my eyes. There is still good in humanity.
  • @BlackReshiram
    God, I love the documentaries you guys put online. Keep on doing it, guys!
  • @tazmaniandiva7762
    Seems like everyday is an adventure with Steve. What a great guy and blessed is he to have a wonderful wife and son that support his work. God bless this family🙏💕
  • Interesting educational inspirational. Legendary. Feel blessed to know there are folks like Steve. I've learned more from this video about bears than all the bear videos I've watched over the years combined .
  • Hey Steve,
    You are such an amazing person. I have loved bears all my life, and just watched your video. What an interesting job you have to be able to get so close to these fascinating animals. I can only imagine. Oh!! The stories you could tell. Stay safe and keep these little animals safe.
  • @talietalie3113
    It takes a big person to be able to see different sides like Mr. Searles. We need more amazing people like him :)
    Cheers to the biggest bear in town!
  • @dawnanewton244
    What an awesome show steve..thanks for your efforts to preserve the land and the wild animals habitat.
  • @snippen1
    Oh man i really love this show. Im very much into politics /world issues and i spend way to much time worrying about all the trillion problems we are facing as a species. There is only two things in this world that gives me an ease of mind and thats climbing and animals. Steve is a hero and an inspiration to all of us <3
  • Steve Searles is no doubt doing an amazing job. Pro Bear Wrangling seems like an impossible task already but he gets it done. I hope he puts up a training center for bear wrangling or something so other distant towns can also enjoy the same level of protection Steve provides.