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10 Dogs That Can Be Left Alone

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Published 2 years ago

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Before letting you know which dogs tolerate being alone better than others, let’s make something clear. Dogs are social animals, and they only thrive when they’re given enough of your love, attention and time. Don’t get a dog if you don’t have enough time to dedicate to a pet.
But if you can provide your new pet with at least one walk a day, play time, feeding times and multiple toilet breaks, you can consider getting yourself a dog!
01:04 - 10. Boston Terrier
Many pick the Boston Terrier as a pet for its small size and resemblance to the Boxer.
These dogs are even-tempered, intelligent and energetic. A Boston Terrier will not find it too hard to stay at home alone, as long as you provide them with toys of some sort to amuse themselves with.
01:43 - 9. Dachshund
The comical Dachshunds are confident, intelligent dogs that make a wonderful addition to any family.
Being bred to dig and hunt on badgers and other animals, these dogs are great listeners and are very smart and brave. Dachshund is an independent dog that will enjoy his alone time without crying and howling for you.
02:18 - 8. Scottish Terrier
These short-legged dogs are wonderful companions for families with kids, that are naturally aloof and need their own time and space every now and then. A Scottish Terrier won’t mind spending some time alone as much as other breeds, but his independence might also become tricky when it comes to training.
03:04 - 7. Chinese Shar-Pei
This unusual dog of loose skin folds, purple tongue, and a bristle-like coat is definitely among the most interesting-looking dogs out there. It’s not only his rare looks that set him apart, but Shar-Pei is also a very independent and intelligent dog that can even sometimes be aloof.
A Shar-Pei will handle some alone time much better than most other breeds.
03:48 - 6. Lhasa Apso
Lhasa Apso is a wonderful small-sized dog that surprises everyone with his big personality. He has quite a dominant character and is very smart.
Unlike most small-sized dogs, Lhasa Apso won’t spend his time squealing for his owner, but he will rather hope to catch a burglar and protect your home while you’re away.
04:38 - 5. Basenji
The barkless dog from Africa is adored for his short coat and muscular body. Basenjis are highly intelligent dogs that are often so independent that it might seem impossible to break his will.
Although they will quickly pick up the commands you teach him, he will only perform it when he’s in the mood. Being so independent, staying home alone won’t be a big hassle for him.
05:20 - 4. English Foxhound
English Foxhounds are strong, graceful and active dogs that enjoy spending time with their outdoorsy owners. They will easily be your best pal for outdoor activities such as running, jogging or horseback riding.
Being very intelligent, these dogs always find something to do. So, if you leave an English Foxhound alone with some toys, he’ll find great and creative ways to spend his alone time.
06:06 - 3. Goldador
Needless to say, these dogs are pure adorable and are sensitive and tolerant creatures that inherited the best of their breed parents.
Goldadors are quite tolerant of different situations and have some calm nerves! If you leave some toys around they will play for hours and might eventually forget that you’re away.
06:49 - 2. Shiba Inu
Shiba Inu is the dog breed from the Land of the Rising Sun. They are alert, good-natured and intelligent.
It might come surprising to you, but this dog is quite athletic and fast. Shibas are very independent which means they can take their alone time more calmly than other dogs. On the other hand, training them can sometimes be a tough task to do.
07:27 - 1. Miniature Schnauzer
Miniature Schnauzers are smart, affectionate and energetic little creatures, quite unaware of their small size.
Eager to learn, they will have no trouble at all staying at home alone, as long as they are provided with something to keep their minds busy; whether a toy or the role of the guard dog.
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