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12 Odd Traits I Had as an Autistic Child | Early Signs of Autism

Hunter Hansen - The Life Autistic Hunter Hansen - The Life Autistic

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Published 1 year ago

I wasn't like the other kids. Of the many odd, weird, interesting, different autistic traits I exhibited early in my childhood, here are a dozen—twelve—traits that stood out the most, the ones that acted as those early autism signs. But more importantly, aside from these autistic traits I showed as a child, I share one key element in my childhood that frames my experience very differently — one that you MUST consider when it comes to autism traits and signs in children. Welcome to The Life Autistic - an #ActuallyAutistic personal narrative sharing topics, talks, rants, and insights about autism from an autistic perspective. -------------------------------------------------- Business inquiries? Speaking engagements? - contact me at [email protected] Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/the_life_au... Twitter: https://twitter.com/InsertKABOOM Subscribe to my writing: https://thelifeautistic.substack.com My Autism blog: https://thelifeautistic.com I hope you enjoyed watching, and I'd love your feedback in the comments! Also, please be sure to Subscribe - I love checking the 'little red dot' in my YouTube app, so I hope I can do the same for you. And if you really liked this one, please Like and Share too! Thanks so much, H2 -------------------------------------------------- *Disclaimer: as with any and all professional and work-related topics, the views, guidance, opinions, and thoughts (random and controlled) expressed are solely mine, and do not formally represent those of my employers, organizations, committees, or sponsors past, present, future, or those existing outside of those temporal constructs.* #autisminchildren #autisticchild Related topics that might have brought you here: autism, autism in adults, autism diagnosis, autism spectrum disorder, autism spectrum condition, aspergers, aspergers syndrome, autism in adults, autism mom, autism parent, autism family, autism in girls, autistic adults, autistic adults, autism in adults, autistic kids, autism speaks, autism at work, am I autistic, adult autism test, autism kid, autism disclosure, autism cures, autism prevention, autism in women, autism meltdown, autistic adult, autistic behavior, autism symptoms
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