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My dad built his own coffin as a COVID quarantine project | Rockin' the Coffin

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Published 1 year ago

A father’s COVID-19 coffin-building project provokes playful but serious family discussion about death. #CBCShortDocs #RockinTheCoffin

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What happens when we die? Can we ever shake our fear of death?

Cailleah was raised to face hard topics straight on. From the time she was a child, her family improvised rituals and filmed home interviews to “inoculate” her brother and her against life’s biggest questions — the kind her dad says, “adults can never answer but kids, if they are young enough, can.”

Then came COVID...and news that her dad was building a coffin. That seemed a bridge too far, even for him. Was it a death-defying act? Or just something to do with his hands? The family joked about how he’s an old dad who’s young at heart.

But they had to know: did he sense something in his bones? Was this his way of making them face the truth about the future?

Rockin’ the Coffin offers a contrarian’s guide to the good death using animation, creativity and play to address our most terrifying fears and the mysteries at the heart of life: how can we prepare for death and loss? What happens if we try?

Directed and Illustrated by filmmaker Cailleah Scott-Grimes in collaboration with her dad, Ronald L. Grimes.

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