The Silent Child — Oscar® Winning Short Film

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Published 7 months ago

Please turn on captions, as they are essential for the sign-language used throughout this film.

A deaf 6-year-old girl named Libby lives in a world of silence until a caring social worker gives her the gift of communication.

Ddeaflinks Staffordshire have been providing a vital service for the deaf and hard of hearing community in Staffordshire since 1868. Thank you for donating:

"Gorgeously shot and perfectly performed, the movie delivers an emotional wallop that many features six times its length never achieve” – The New York Times

"Effortlessly heart-tugging" - Los Angeles Times

"A rich script from first-time screenwriter Rachel Shenton” – IndieWire

"It’s beautiful and it’s a real little movie. I loved it” – The Hollywood Reporter

Written by: Rachel Shenton
Directed by: Chris Overton
Produced by: Rachel Shenton, Chris Overton, Rebecca Harris, Julie Foy
Associate Producer: Ali Farahani
Production Company: Slick Films

Starring: Maisie Sly, Rachel Shenton, Rachel Fielding, Philip York

Cinematography: Ali Farahani
Music by: Amir Konjani
Edited by: Emily Walder
Sound Design: Greg Claridge

Executive Producers: Danny Ormerod, Vanessa Johnstone, Terry Murphy, Mo Chaudry, Ian Lowe

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