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Beating Out Dirt Rooster and Mr.Ed On The First Swarm of 2021

Yappy Beeman Yappy Beeman

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Published 8 months ago

Let the new swarm season begin here in North Alabama. After a moderate winter the bees are ready to explode from their hives and get to work. Thankfully these didn't go far. I found them across the street from my apiary and couldn't ask for a better setup. Ground level swarms are a beekeepers dream. Catching the queen before you shake them, PRICELESS.
So far, the 3 Amigos, Jpthebeeman, 628DirtRooster and everyone's favorite Mr.Ed have yet to report catching a swarm. So I call it as the first catch of 2021. I will have to admit, Schawee has caught one. But I'm not sure if that counts. You can't always trust a Cajun Coonass.

So this is proof that it's on from here out and I'm geared up and ready for another great season of bee fun. Yall check back with Yappy and thanks for checking out my video.
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