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My 5 Biggest Regrets after 15 Years of Homeschooling

ToriAnn Perkey ToriAnn Perkey

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Published 2 years ago

Today I’m sharing my 5 Biggest Homeschool Regrets over 15 years with you in the hopes that you can learn from me … and possibly not make the same homeschooling mistakes!

When you’ve been homeschooling as long as I have (15 years!) and have at least 5 more years of homeschooling to go, you become reflective.

I’ve learned a lot and I’ve found myself also rejoicing in our many successes! Certainly having my oldest go to college counts as one. :)

If you’re struggling with homeschooling or just getting started, hopefully you’ll find a few things to do right out of the gate to make things a little better.

I wrote about 5 biggest things I’ve learned in a previous post. http://homeschooltohomeschool.com/5-t...


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