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"You Never Said Anything About Yourself"- The Story of Michael (Miki) Goldman-Gilad

Yad Vashem Yad Vashem

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Published 1 year ago

Michael Goldman-Gilad was born in 1925 in Katowice in western Poland, to his parents Naftali and Arna (Esther). Michael had two siblings - Yaakov and Goldaleh. With the outbreak of World War II, Michael escaped with part of his family to Przemyśl, and the family reunited in November 1939 in Nizankowice. In the summer of 1942 a ghetto was established in Przemyśl, in which Michael was imprisoned. On his birthday, July 26th, during a forced deportation from the ghetto, Michael parted with his parents and little sister. In September 1943, Michael was taken to the Szebnie concentration camp and from there to Auschwitz-Birkenau in November 1943. After roughly a month and a half, Michael was taken to Buna-Monowitz (Auschwitz III), where he worked at the I.G. Farben factory. As part of the evacuation of Auschwitz in January 1945, Michael was taken on a death march, during which he managed to escape, and went into hiding with the Polish Zimon family in Wielopole. Michael was liberated by the Red Army on January 26th. In January 1949, he immigrated to Israel, enlisting in the police and acting as one of the investigatory officers in the 1961 Adolf Eichmann trial. Michael is married to Eva, and has five children. He lectures on the subject of the Holocaust and accompanies Israel Police and security forces delegations to Poland.
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