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Learn What To Do When You're Asked to Do the Impossible with Rick Warren

Saddleback Church Saddleback Church

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Published 5 years ago

http://saddleback.com/unshakable — What do you do when you’re asked to do something that seems impossible? If you don’t have a clear course of action, it’s easy to become paralyzed with inaction. But God doesn’t want these impossible tasks to cause us to give up — he wants us to use these moments to build our trust in him. In this message at Saddleback Church, Pastor Rick Warren shares a message called When You’re Asked to Do the Impossible. You’ll learn how you can respond when faced with an impossible task and rise to meet the challenge. Connect with our Online Community throughout the week at http://saddleback.com/online. (Unshakable) (Unshakable Life) (Unshakable Series) (#UnshakableLife) (Rick Warren) (Pastor Rick Warren) (2016) (Summer at Saddleback) (Saddleback Church) (Saddleback) (The Impossible) (Thriving No Matter What Hits You) (Fears) (Motivation) (Psychics) (Mediums) (Predict the Future) (Prayer Support) (Pray) (Accountability Group) (Accountable) (Prayer Warriors) (Praise God) (Honor God) (Worship God) (Thank God) (Helper) (God is my strength) (Strength) (Supernatural Help) (Point to God) (Ask) (Seek) (Knock) (Success is God's) (Life of Daniel) (Daniel in the Bible) (Daniel)
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