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Amazing Quest: Stories from Chile | Somewhere on Earth: Chile | Free Documentary

Free Documentary Free Documentary

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Published 1 month ago

Somewhere on Earth - Chile | Free Documentary

Somewhere on Earth - USA: https://youtu.be/1TVNLGCn4Js

Somewhere on Earth is off to visit the faraway land of Patagonia, one of the most sparsely populated regions on earth. At the extreme tip of South America, Southern Chile lifts the veil on its fragile beauty.

00:00 Carlos, the southernmost men on Earth
First we meet Carlos Barria. He is one of the southernmost men on Earth. Carlos is a seaman but also a cattleman. His ranch is very close to the mythical Cape Horn.

16:54 Living at the foot of the Andes’ immense glaciers
Then we meet Philippe Reuter. This enthusiastic mountaineer lives at the foot of the Andes’ immense glaciers.

31:02 The raftsmen of Patagonia
Finally we meet Jorge Arratia. He knows all the secrets of the balseros, the raftsmen of Patagonia. In a remote valley, the lumberjacks harvest cypress wood and transport it down the Rio Baker, to the sea.
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