DIY Evap. Air Coolers! (8 types) Homemade Evap. Cooling! Be ready for summer with these!

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Published 4 years ago

DIY Evaporative Air Coolers! All Easy DIY.s. video shows the 8 types of evap. coolers i've made. from smaller desktop units up to full size room coolers. for the full-build original videos check my YT channel or look for the links in the description below...

Super cooler one (Full Video)...
Super cooler one (Quick View)

Planter box one (Full Video)...
Planter box one (Quick View)

Blue “Sponge” one

Wash cloth & hanger one

Towel and rack one

Box fan conversion (full video)
Box fan conversion (update video)

5 gallon bucket one

Mister style one
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