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Between the Doors - The Story of Zipora Granat

Yad Vashem Yad Vashem

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Published 1 year ago

Zipora (Feige) was in born in Belfort, France, in 1931 to a traditional and educated family. Following the German occupation of France, her parents contacted women from the Salvation Army who tended to Jewish children that had been arrested, and Zipora's mother began assisting with their activity. Zipora's parents were later caught and separately sent to Auschwitz. Her two brothers Shmuel and Yosef, which had been under the care of the Salvation Army, were transferred to a Jewish institution in Paris. Zipora and her sister Sima hid in girls' boarding schools in the city of Besançon. Following the liberation of Paris, Zipora and her sister managed to reunite with their brother, Shmuel. They immigrated to pre-state Israel in 1946, and after a stay at the Atlit camp, Zipora enrolled at an agricultural school together with other young Holocaust survivors. In 1948, following Israel's declaration of independence, she enlisted in the army. Zipora married Avraham Granat, and they have three children. She studied teaching, and has been an educator in Haifa for thirty years.
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