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UNSCHOOLING EXPLAINED : Adventuring Family of 11

Knorpp and South Knorpp and South

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Published 2 years ago

Unschooling. Today we talk about how we unschool, why we unschool, what unschooling is, and what unschooled kids end up becoming. We share research, books, and answer all of your burning questions.
Here are the books we mentioned: www.knorppandsouth.com/books

You can watch the whole video or search by timecode:
3:00 Our homeschooling journey - how we got to unschooling
8:50 How to find a homeschool style that works for you
13:10 Our first year unschooling
14:46 The book that got Mike on board with homeschooling
16:18 What Unschooling means to us
17:28 Determining your homeschooling goals
19:00 Our daily homeschool routine
20:57 What if my child doesn't want to learn anything?
24:22 How will they learn MATH???
30:43 What about college?
32:47 How public school discourages learning and creativity
34:54 Meeting legal requirements for homeschooling
35:56 Do you use ANY curriculum?
37:42 How to plan your day
37:42 SAT? ACT?
49:57 How do they learn to do things they don't want to do?
51:40 THE most important factor in unschooling

A little research on adults who were unschoolers: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/bl...

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