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Ayla, My Korean Daughter(Kore Ayla)

춘천MBC뉴스 춘천MBC뉴스

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Published 3 years ago

To watch the FULL video , click the link below.
Turkish version : https://youtu.be/yeHBuM9kyLM
English version : https://youtu.be/prjsaQ6CRo4
한국어 버전 : https://youtu.be/9esjEaIpjq8

Turkey was the third largest participant in the U.N. alliance during the Korea War. Turkey is a brother country to Korea, and 720 Turkish soldiers perished in the Korean War.
The Battle of Gunuri in North Korea was one of the fiercest battles, and there, Turkish soldiers demonstrated their bravery.
Second Lieutenant Suleyman Birbiley, who fought in the Korean War under the command of the U.N., is now 85 years old.
He took care of Korean War orphan "Ayla" for a year and a half at his barracks during the war, and 60 years later, he wishes to meet her.
However, the only leads he has are photos from back then and a Turkish name, Ayla. This program will introduce the story of Mr. Birbiley, a Korean War veteran, and Ayla, and by doing that, will shed new light on the truth about the Korean War and what the U.N. alliance meant to the war.

한국 버전은 아래 링크에서 감상하실 수 있습니다.
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