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Patrick Duffy Confirms He's Dating This Happy Days Star

Nicki Swift Nicki Swift

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Published 1 year ago

For 43 years, actor Patrick Duffy was married to ballerina Carlyn Rosser, until her death from cancer in 2017. The Dallas star admits he didn’t expect to find love again and was content spending time with his kids and grandkids. However, love sometimes happens at the most unexpected times, and in 2020, Duffy found himself in love once again. Duffy and actress Linda Purl, who had first met each other years ago, ended up in the same group chat online and quickly struck up a relationship. Here are all the details of Patrick Duffy dating Happy Days star Linda Purl, and the adventures they’ve gone on during quarantine. #PatrickDuffy #Actor #Relationship Read Full Article: https://www.nickiswift.com/277208/ste...
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