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Eagles - The Whole Story 4/13 - The Secrets of Nature

The Secrets of Nature The Secrets of Nature

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Published 1 year ago

Bones like honeycomb, skull-filling eyes, wings the length of a piano, a neck that turns almost full circle, the keenest vision of all vertebrates. And built to kill. The eagles of Africa are impressive. Mighty birds build mighty nests. Whether perched on dizzying mountain cliff or high in the forest canopy, some lofty eagle homes can weigh as much as a family car. Generations may grow up in the same nest, carefully refurbished and re-used year after year for decades. Over forest, desert and mountain, the monarchs of Africa’s skies soar on the thermals, scanning the ground for prey with eyes that see over twice as well as human eyes. From mice to full-grown bushbuck, their food tastes range wide. Some dine on large fish – airlifting them surfboard-style in deadly talons. Others swoop on prey over four times their own weight. While some tuck into fruit and nuts! Discover the surprising world of eagles, Africa’s majestic aerial predators, in “The Whole Story”.
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