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Students Get The Chance To Attend Private School | School Swap: The Class Divide E2 | Our Stories

Our Stories Our Stories

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Published 3 months ago

When given the chance, will a troublesome boy perform better at a private school than a state school? Subscribe to Our Stories: https://bit.ly/3lzSXhv

In the UK, education is one of the big political battlefields for governments and opposition alike. It also seems to represent somewhere where the class war still endures. Opponents of private schooling deride the privileged few who seem to rise to the top of most professions. The state system is also under fire. Hundreds of schools have been classed as failing, teachers are leaving in droves - and thousands of children are left, it is claimed, without proper qualifications or any prospect of a decent job in the future.

In a unique experiment, a private head, his state school counterpart and six of their pupils spend a week in each other's worlds. Does going private really give you a first class advantage, and does a state education really mean second-rate? This programme unpicks the educational gulf dividing Britain's school system.

This film was first broadcast: 25 Aug 2015

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