100+ Healing Scriptures With Soaking Music | Audio Bible Scriptures over Instrumental Worship Music

Published 2020-02-16
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All Comments (21)
  • Type your prayer request & location (state and/or country) in the comments and reply with a prayer to a few other people’s prayer requests as well!...have you subscribed to our channel yet? I would love to have you subscribe under the video here and hit the bell to ALL for our notifications if you haven't already. bit.ly/soakstreamYT It's always great to have a positive commenter/pray-er/someone needing prayer/supporter as a subscriber :) it helps us out a ton too! Lord, bring Heavenly health, healing, & peace in Jesus' name! Let's chat & pray for each other here in the comments!
  • Lynda Tustin
    Complete healing in my neck head and body. Thank you Jesus!
  • Sergei Shoots
    Thank you for this ministry, all Glory to the Lord our God!
  • Lynda Tustin
    I so enjoy these scriptures! Florida praise the Lord! Health
    And healing to all flesh in Jesus name.
  • Angel Cox
    I had a healing yesterday and my soul is flying but my body needs much more healing and so do the bodies of my sons. My youngest son has been away from home for a long time and has been struggling and Satan has worn him out. I've been praying for his release. Please pray for the healing of my family and the healing of our bodies as we have been very sick and it crippled me and I do believe in miracles because I saw one yesterday! I would love to pray for you all as well as the group was praying for each other yesterday. May we lift one another up in spirit and help heal one another! Thank you so much for your love and I love all of you all as well! Stay close to the Father and the Son and the Holy spirit!
  • Rodell Henshaw
    I played all healing scriptures all night and I woke up completely healed
  • Martha Erb
    Playing this for my pediatric patient is changing her! Her eyes are getting brighter, they are turning brown again from blue and opaque! Thank you Jesus!!! You are a wonderful healer!!!!
  • Carla Taylor
    God is so good to me...i could never deserve the peace He has given me...He gives it anyway! I have been listening to these scriptures for several days now. I started at night...now I just let it keep going all day as well...it has brought so much light and revelation into my heart and mind...a way to truly soak in the word of God 🙏. Thank you!
  • Music Minister
    Cannot describe how much your videos minister to me! We have 6 children going through these end times w us and this helped ease my huge anxiety and asthma attack tonight and I thank Jesus for you!
  • I love listing to this audio Bible Scriptures, I believe It will heal me and my whole family
  • TomiGurl
    Love your channel. It helps me sleep. I haven’t slept well in over a year. Too much stress fear anxiety and insomnia but God will heal and deliver me! Thank you Jesus Amen
  • Paula Loud
    Breast Cancer surgery July 7. Praying for a clean bill of health post-op in the pathology report. God bless you and thank you for these videos which encourage my faith and help me to stay strong. I've been listening to them ever day and fall asleep to the verses still playing to strengthen my spirit, soul and body. God bless🙏❤️
  • Cynthia Davis
    Please pray that I am delivered from the pain I am suffering. I am in a constant state of pain all over my body. God bless everyone. Amen
  • Vika Nasome
    Blessings and Prayers and Thanks for the Encouragement and uplifting of the Word in our lives.
  • Laura Yoder
    From Pennsylvania. Learning the power of my words, the power of agreeing with His word with my voice and how necessary it is for me to walk in the authority Jesus died to give me! Listening to healing scriptures is great at night. Thanks for posting. Believing I am healed by His stripes from autoimmunity, pain, Lyme, mold sensitivity, food sensitivities, joint pain, hormone imbalance and infections. Body, you are healed. Thank you my sweet Jesus. It’s done. I rest in your word and what you’re already given. I receive it. And I declare and receive it for my family as well. I also declare there are no toxins left in my home.
  • Denise Fisher
    I pray for those going thru hard times. Pray daily. GOD will bless you
  • Claudia Mello
    Sending Love to all who are listening to any of these channels. Peace, love, and joy are already present in our spirits. Goodness, gentleness, kindness.
  • Rita O'Connor
    Please pray for my move to my sister's. ( 2 hours away).I'll be in her bachelor suite upstairs, she'll be downstairs.
    Also for unsaved loved ones... Thanks so much Soakstream.
    Praying for all of your needs.
  • Debbie Zagar
    I love these scripture videos!!! I turn them on every to sleep by. Whenever I arise in the night I am soothed with God’s loving words.