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LET THEM GO - Td jakes & Joel Osteen | Steve Harvey Best Motivational Speech

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Published 5 months ago

Let Them Go (Life Changing Advice)

In today's video you will get some life-changing advice about letting people go and loving yourself. This video will shift your perspective on how you view relationships with yourself and others in the future.

we all have thing happen to us in life that we don't understand, doors that have closed or people that have turned on us, it's easy to leave frustrated
and fight against everything we don't like,
every thing serving it's plane not only just good things, the people that walked away is serving his plan, if that wouldn't happened, you couldn't
reach your destiny.
what you couldn't see was god has something better, you may like it or
doesn't fair, but it's serving his plan, when you understand that everything
serves his plan you won't live frustrated, you won't get upset because
you didn't get your way. the person that walked away wasn't a coincident
it was god moving him away,

Steve harvey - motivational speech
TD Jakes - motivational speech
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