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Why We Fight: The highs & lows of raising a child with a life-threatening condition

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Published 4 months ago

A couple finds strength in Capoeira as they raise their son with a life-threatening condition. A portrait of family and fun, and the day to day challenges of keeping a family together. #CBCShortDocs #WhyWeFight

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“For us to live in this world, you gotta be playful”.

Gerdson Dias Alves, also known as Sapo, is a gravity-defying Capoeira master with a zest for life. Sapo moved to Toronto from Brazil to teach Capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian martial art practice. With his partner Lorena, Sapo lives life to the fullest — his social media videos are filled with backflips on beaches and parties with friends.

When the couple’s son Nauê was born, Sapo found a new reason to fight.

Born with a rare genetic condition, Nauê has a short life expectancy. His days are punctuated by medical appointments and frequent visits to the hospital.

Struggling to accept Nauê’s reality, Sapo does what he knows best and steeps his son in Capoeira. Meanwhile, Lorena manages Nauê’s complex daily needs and therapeutic treatments.

When the challenges of caring for Nauê begin to take a toll on their family life, Sapo draws on the guidance of his ancestors to find strength and wisdom.

What begins as a portrait about family and fun becomes an exploration of the day-to-day reality of a unique family — and a testament to the ancestral practice that keeps Sapo, Lorena and Nauê together.

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