How Two Missing Minnesota Sisters Hid in Plain Sight for 2 Years

Published 2016-04-09
The bizarre story raising questions of whether the girls ran away or their mother tried to hide them while going through a bitter divorce and custody battle with their father.


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  • Taco Freddie
    "Here they are... the missing girls"
    "oOp and there they go"
    " I guess the search is continuing"

    R U serious
  • Joshua Patrick
    Courts have to stop trying to force children to have a relationship with a parent if they don’t want to have one, bottom line. Just stop, if the kids want a relationship they will make it happen.
  • Deru
    So you're telling me that if I witness one of my parents being abusive- any form of abuse- to the point where I'm afraid of them and my other parent takes it to court. But there's no solid evidence. The court is going to assume that I'm brainwashed, take me from my home and put me in the home of the parent that I'm very afraid of ?
  • Binod
    Such a confusing story & it felt like everybody was lying.
  • Clxs
    How coincidental the husband walks by the camera with a shirt that says " I Get What I Want", as the ex wife is describing is abusive behavior 😒
  • Jade
    “Once is more than enough “ .Correct ladies and gentlemen,as soon as someone shows any signs of abuse ,mental or physical it’s time to leave.
  • Yeezy 2024
    Only 30 seconds and I already figured out the Moral of this story:
    It Snows in April in Minnesota.
  • 2blackbird8
    The judge related to the dad in a way that would make me want to take a closer look at the judge's personal life.
  • Bekka_boo13
    SO the kids are saying they are scared of their own father, they don't wanna live with him but still make them live with their dad...WTAF?!
  • Why We Love Film
    It honestly feels like everyone is lying. The Mother, the Father, the Kids. I don’t even believe those footprints in the snow…
  • Noodles12
    This is painstaking, this is exactly what happened to me as a kid. The judge didn’t believe anyone who told him that me and my siblings were being abused since my mother seemed so normal and we had no hard proof at the time, luckily the judge made custody my choice but still left the door open for my mother to see me despite my pleads
  • Coin_is_here
    All the kids: he abuses us and our mom
    The mom: he abuses me and my kids
    Judge: The mom must be brainwashing them
  • Sovanary Thon
    Wtf I just wasted 9 minutes of my life wtf was this
  • Drawmatic
    Sandra: He’s abusive.
    Gianna: He’s abusive.
    Samantha: He’s abusive.
    Judge: cLeArLy SaNdRa Is BrAiNwAsHiNg ThEm
  • gor3gurl
    he’s literally smirking when she asked if he’s ever abused them
  • Jennifer D
    Since this aired 5 years ago, I’d be interested to know how this all played out and how the family is doing today. If the Dad was an abusive man, there’s no way he’s gone five years without incident.
  • *{Samantha }*
    2:24 The Fact that his shirt says “I ALWAYS get what I want” has me wheezing 😂
  • Denise Scott
    The most worrying thing for me was the way the father spoke FOR the two girls at the end…stating that “they’re happy to be home” because if the abuse is true..we know he’s controlling?? These girls seemed verryyyy against the fact of living with them…how could they be happy to be in a house with him with no contact from their mother??? We need to hear FROM THEM!
  • T Ha
    Who else be up all night just watching all these documentaries 😂
  • Miss Malibu 🌼
    The dad reminds me of my father. Manipulative and never wanting to take the blame for things. He has the same mannerisms as my father as well, especially the ones that he has when he's lying. If you ask me, he's lying about not abusing them. You can see it in his eyes.