Timothy Jones Jr. trial: testimony underway in trial of man accused of killing his children.

Published 2019-05-15

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  • J. Stella doro
    Thank you for running this footage live. My heart breaks for those children's lives being taken & a mother broken forever. Why? Why are so many men ( and women)murdering their children? Bless those lost.❤
  • btter710
    I just have to say, the memory on that second witness is amazing! She remembered all 3 kids' birthdates and the names and relationships of the people she called from the emergency contact list! Also, I loved how she said she made it a point to get to know all her students by name. U can tell she cares very much for her students. I would have loved to have her as my assistant principal when I was in school!
  • Hedvig Funeral
    Socially awkward does not equal INSANITY. What this person did was cold and calculating!
  • LadyNYC211
    Listening to those sweet little children omg, I'm so heartbroken for them 😞😭😭😭😭
  • LadyNYC211
    I'm glad the children had some nice ladies that loved and cared for them 😢😢😢😢
  • Sweet Faith
    I have to say that the law enforcement did an excellent job!
  • Pat Stokes
    I'm impress that even for a little bitty police station, everything as followed as professional as a larger police office would be. I bet that police station never sees this kind of thing, and yet they did their jobs with no loop holes.
  • jennpenn5
    This is sickening. The mother is a real piece of work, as well.
  • pinkies vlogs
    A little boy that brings a turtle to school...what's more normal than that.
    Precious little boy.
  • Scarper66
    There’s a lot of people getting rid of their “responsibilities” and then claiming “insanity “.
  • Olivejuice
    Its a shame that all this time and money gets spent by the state that coulda been used to protect all those kids BEFORE he killed them!
  • Kristen Noelle
    Here's the thing..a person who's genuinely suffering from schizophrenia would've been ruled incompetent to stand trial..and yet...here he is!
  • Michelle Jaudon
    Seemed like he was surrounded by some pretty decent people who would and did go out of their way for him. There's always help if someone is struggling. I don't believe this guy, seems he was vindictive and did what he did to get back at his ex wife. So sad 😥
  • Gail Trotman
    Everyone is traumatized, the grandparents, babysitters, teachers. Everyone who knew the children have wept on the stand.
  • Livin4Him
    Praying 🙏 for the families and their loss.
  • Janet Hall
    this is so sad... why would anyone get rid of their future. thats your kids , your future , i recently had cancer and my kids where there, if i wouldnt have had that support wouldnt be here now