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We were young and healthy, but our COVID recovery is taking months | Recovery

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Published 9 months ago

Two young adults relive the experience of surviving COVID-19. As they struggle to cope with the long, unknown recovery ahead, their conversations become a form of therapy. #CBCShortDocs #AloneTogether #Recovery

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Matt and Sura were both hospitalized for COVID-19 during the first wave of the pandemic. Months later, they are still in recovery. As they struggle to cope with the long, unknown road ahead, their conversations become a form of therapy that no one else understands.

Matt is 19. He was a healthy, athletic college student with no prior health conditions before COVID-19. Sura is a filmmaker who got sick at the same time as Matt. She has also lost family to COVID-19. If not for the pandemic, the pair probably never would have met.

On their first call together after leaving the hospital, their conversation quickly falls into familiar territory. They discuss their experiences of surviving the symptoms of COVID-19; the realization that they were not invincible, despite their youth; the loneliness they endured as they counted their breaths; the long recovery process and the unknown lasting effects.

They talk about everything — from the chilling silence that follows being wheeled into the COVID-19 ward to how they manage their rehabilitative breathing exercises to strengthen their lungs.

As Matt and Sura rebuild their bodies and check in with each other virtually, their friendship makes them feel less alone. They compare hiking tips and new hobbies as well as new symptoms.

While the pair unpack their recovery, we see that beyond the physical symptoms, the virus has left deep emotional scars on them and their families. Together, they’re simply trying to make sense of it all.

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