Do you know who you are? | Pastor Steven Furtick

Published 2018-05-25
Do you know who you are or do you let people tell you who you are?

The clip was pulled from the message, "Trapped in Nazareth". To view the full message, click here:    • Trapped In Nazare...  
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All Comments (21)
  • Jillian Reed
    "Is your relationship with him strong enough to know, that what they say about me doesn't change who I am" Wow, so true!
  • The Dream Weaver
    I've struggling with loneliness, I'm beginning to believe what people say about me..... so now I'm going through YouTube, watching videos like yours, reminding myself HOW GOD SEES ME....
    It soothes the soul and spirit
  • Devon Steen
    I been struggling with rejection, loneliness, watching porn from time to time.. i wake up and this message is the first thing i see. Gods mercy and Grace is so sufficient thank you Lord for this message i will not remain bound in Jesus name
  • Heidi Turner
    I have heard this full sermon before! So good!! This morning I was listening to the book of John (on my Bible app). The part where Phillip & Nathanial were speaking came on, and I recalled this sermon. I started really thinking about it. Just at that moment, my phone notified me that Pastor Steven just uploaded a new video, and this is what it was! God is SOOO good! This was just what I needed this morning!! Thank you!
  • Ashley M Bennett
    Spoke directly to me. Like, the whole sermon. I have been struggling with feeling condemned for things from 10 years ago and regret and God keeps sending people to reassure me there is no condemnation and I'm not being punished for my past. Thank you so much for this on time Word.
  • 3 years later I néeded these lined up sermons...I needed this....👌🙏🏾💃

    Pastor Steven you are a blessing to this beautiful world 💚

    God bless you sooo much E Fam 🙌
  • Kelly D
    Thank you so much. I just can’t get enuff of your sermon’s. I knew God lead me to you. ❤️Amen ❤️
  • SE Scott
    I needed to hear this "who I am in Christ" message today. Thank you God.
  • S C
    I needed this video, I was just crying out to Jesus....I have some depression issues, that seem to cycle around alot, I've been so lonely & I feel like I am wasting precious time and should always be doing more in life, I find myself not content, always wanting to grow.....this video was a great reminder, of who I am in Jesus!!
  • I listen to this sermon right after I pray, and I always have problems with self pity, negative self talk and just feeling that I am not good enough. This sermon was a message from God for me🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
  • I’ve been feeding my spirit with these words from Pastor Steven. My life has been transformed. There’s a new perspective I see myself from. All glory to God.
  • Don Allwin
    "what they say about me doesn't change who I'am " 🔥🔥
  • D W
    The word of God is growing on social media platforms thanks to you and other Pastors! Thank you! Hello from Moncks Corner !
  • Gabriela Valdez
    This has been one of the most down to earth and genuine messages from the Bible that anyone from our generation can relate to. Thank you for bringing Christ through so many people! I can not begin to express my gratitude from your sermons Steven!
  • Imani Cecelia
    Hallelujah!! I am alive with Christ! 🙌🏾🙏🏾❤️
  • Lost Sheep
    I accept. Subscribed and hit the bell. This man is good. Glory to God.
  • Christine Prince
    I swear you have been preaching directly to me through God for weeks and I'm just amazed I can finally hear it and it's starting to sink in this year is my year to let go and step into the remarkable plan of God for my family
  • Jenny I
    Just when the thoughts in my mind were racing as to if God ever has good plans for my life...that I got a notification that this video was uploaded.and i checked it I realise if I was worthy enough to die for..then god should definitely have plans for me..tq pastor Steven God always uses you in a mighty way in my life...😉☺️