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God doesn’t get disillusioned with you...

Graham Cooke Graham Cooke

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Published 2 months ago

God roots His own identity in the promises that He makes towards His people. A promise is His own word of honor to Himself and it therefore functions as your attendant expectation in Him.

He never lies! He is holy, righteous and pure. Therefore, His word becomes our focal point for trust, faith and prayer rooted in the reality of God's intention.

It is my expectation that you study this prophecy because it is designed to elevate your fellowship with the Three into a greater reality of being Sons and Daughters of God.

Also, that you would reference this prophecy when you are writing your own crafted prayers. We want to see you writing dynamic prayers of trust, faith and powerful expectation. There is a lot of content here for practicing believing prayers, there are keys that you can use as a vital focus for breakthrough prayers.

There’s no need to write anything down, a transcript is provided. Sit back, relax and listen with your heart. It's always vital to listen to God's voice without the resistance that comes from being worried or stressed.

So here goes!
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