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Provoked To Purpose - Bishop T.D. Jakes

T.D. Jakes T.D. Jakes

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Published 1 month ago

Your days of complacency are over. Just when you thought you could settle for where you’re at, God will send a “Peninnah” to shake things up. Who’s Peninnah, you ask? She’s the person who irritates you, calls you out, exposes your stagnancy, and it’s not to tear you down; it’s to save you from mediocrity. According to 1 Samuel 1:4-15, that’s what she did for Hannah! Peninnah teased Hannah for her barrenness and, at the same time, stirred up her purpose to give birth. Are you provoked to purpose? Now, it’s your moment to PUSH! Subscribe to the official T.D. Jakes Ministries channel to stream our latest messages, your favorite sermons from over the years, and much more. Hit the 🛎 Notification Bell so that you never miss our most recent video. Message: Provoked To Purpose Scripture: 1 Samuel 1:4-15 (NIV) Speaker: Bishop T.D. Jakes Date: May 8, 2022 Attach your seed to this anointing, sow into good soil! http://bit.ly/2Tx7cFw or text TDJM [space] and dollar amount to 28950 [Example: TDJM 50 (for a donation of $50)] Follow Bishop T.D. Jakes on Social Media: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bishopjakes Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/bishopjakes Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bishopjakes Access sermons, conferences, and more exclusive content: TDJ OnDemand: http://ondemand.tdjakes.org Bishops Village: https://www.bishopsvillage.com #ProvokedToPurpose #TDJOnline #SundayService #MothersDay #FiguringOutMyPurpose #FollowingYourDesires
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