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St. Anne’s Indian Residential School: Fort Albany First Nation - Brutal & Notorious (*Set To 720p)

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Published 9 months ago

This is a video for: “St. Anne’s Residential School”, one of North America's most brutal & notorious government and church-run residential schools, on (Peetabeck) Fort Albany First Nation, a Cree community in the James Bay Area of Ontario, Canada. There are also videos in this channel for:"Peetabeck: Fort Albany First Nation”, "Sleeping Children Awake" (1992 Doc.).. and for over 320 more North & South-American Tribes & First Nations, Elders, Chiefs, Leaders, Historical Events & Peoples..with over 675 videos (and counting).


The preteen girls would take turns with the towel, in the bathroom of St. Anne’s Residential School. One at a time, they would wrap it around their throats and pull it tight. “We called it getting high. We’d get dizzy, lightheaded”, one of them said, nearly two decades later. This was revealed on August 3rd 1993, during an interview with Ontario Provincial Police investigators, in Room 251 of the Howard Johnson Hotel, in London, Ont. “We looked forward to it”, said the residential school survivor, whose name is redacted in the OPP transcript. “It was an escape.” The woman, by then in her mid-30s, was describing her horrific “nine-year stay” at the school on Fort Albany First Nation, near the James Bay coast, as part of an indecent assault investigation of one of its former nuns. What she needed to escape from, she told investigators, were the constant strappings and whippings and the sexual assaults by a man, she knew only as: “the gardener.” “This shouldn’t have happened to us. They’re God’s workers, they were suppose to look after us.” The transcript of the interview is among “thousands of pages” of OPP records from a sprawling investigation into abuse at St. Anne’s, obtained by CBC News.


I claim no ownership of any of the clips, video and music expressed in this video...and employ my borrowing of them with much respect and thanks. Credits are also given at the end of the videos, as well as below. ****No personal monetization is being done with this video, by me, nor am I receiving any other benefits from any of these videos.**** They are meant for all, to heal, teach, discuss, inspire and inform and share. No theft and/or disrespect is intended. I post all of these videos, with love and respect.


Many Thanks & Much Respect To: All The Survivors & Those In Spirit Of St. Anne’s Indian Residential School..; Heritage Minutes..; The Fifth Estate..; Charlie Angus..; A.P.T.N..; CBC..; All The People Of (Peetabeck) Fort Albany First Nation..; NewsInteractives.cbc.ca..; MANY GREAT MUSICAL INSTRUMENTALISTS., including: Tristan Barton, Gísli Gunnarsson, Mustafa Avşaroğlu, Linus Johnsson, Revolt Production Music, Salvatore Lo Presti, Julien Journet, Amann &​ Atis Freivalds... and to all the other brothers and sisters who have contributed to this video with photos and/or, in any other way.

Chi Miigwetch!.. Many Blessings & Thanks..!

*Set video to 720p, for best viewing.
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