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Glacier Park's: Night of the Grizzlies | PBS Documentary ⁷²⁰ᵖ

OnlyGoodSHHH OnlyGoodSHHH

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Published 3 years ago

I stumbled across this documentary the other day. I thought I would share, because I am unable to find it on YouTube. So, here ya go! Enjoy this terrifying tale of the night 2 Grizzly Bear attacks happened nearly simultaneously in virtually the same location. This is not a tale to make anyone fear bears, or any animal capable of taking a human life. Bears, and all wildlife, in general, require our respect and space. And this tale is a perfect example. It's impossible to imagine the true fear and pain these two women could not survive. RIP Julie & Michele. I do not own this content. All ownership goes to PBS, MontanaPBS, and those mentioned in credits. Purchase the DVD from MontanaPBS here; http://www.montanapbs.org/programs/gl... If you enjoyed the video, be sure to Subscribe, Comment, Share, and give a Thumbs-Up for more content! *CLAIMING FAIR USE*
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