Jim Carrey - How To Manifest What You Want

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Published 1 year ago

Jim Carrey speaks to us about his view on manifesting and what it truly means to manifest the life you want.

We see here the experience that he went through to get to where he is now. Through all the pains, struggles, sacrifices and tears he still remains in high spirit.

May we all continue to just be.

World Farmacy is dedicated to providing you with modern and ancient healing techniques to help you heal all forms of trauma and stuck energy.

Healing takes form in the mind, body and soul.
Once these three work symbiotically the human being becomes limitless.
🧠 The monkey mind becomes still.
🧘‍♂️ Human doing becomes human being.
💙 We go from living in the mind to living in the heart and fully experiencing the present moment.

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Don't know where to start on your healing journey?

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Peace, love and infinite blessings 🙏

Thank you!

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