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Learn How to Thrive When Your World is Shaken Up with Rick Warren

Saddleback Church Saddleback Church

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Published 5 years ago

http://saddleback.com/unshakable — When life doesn’t go as planned, it’s easy to get rattled and lose focus. God doesn’t want you to be surprised by adversity. He wants you to be prepared for it. Though the world around you may seem to be fighting against you, God wants you to stand strong. In this message at Saddleback Church, Pastor Rick Warren shares a message called When Your World is Shaken Up. You’ll learn what you can do to remain unshakable when life gets difficult.

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(Unshakable) (Unshakable Life) (#UnshakableLife) (Daniel) (Life of Daniel) (Thriving in a Hostile Culture) (Surviving in a Hostile Culture) (Book of Daniel) (Summer At Saddleback) (Saddleback Church) (Saddleback) (Today's Culture) (Culture) (Pain) (Problems) (God Shakes Things Up) (Rick Warren) (Pastor Rick Warren) (Unshakable Series) (2016)
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