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Learn How To Trust God's Timing with Rick Warren

Saddleback Church Saddleback Church

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Published 3 years ago

http://saddleback.com — Have you ever waited on God for something you desperately needed? Maybe it was a job, a spouse, a repaired relationship, a clean bill of health, or direction for your life. The Christmas story is also a story of waiting — the world was waiting for a Savior, and God answered that need by sending his Son, Jesus, to Earth at just the right time in history. In this special Christmas message, Pastor Rick Warren shows us how we can trust God’s perfect timing in our own lives. By looking at the example of Jesus’ birth, we can trust a God who overcomes our fear, teaches us patience, reminds us of his promises, and tells us to never give up. Continue the conversation online with our online community throughout the week during live services and weekly small groups: http://saddleback.com/online Connect with Saddleback Church on Facebook: http://facebook.com/saddlebackchurch (Don't give up) (God's timing) (God's plan) (Life encouragement) (Patience) (My dream) (Home with God) (Church home) (Right timing) (God's appointment) (Christmas message) (Christmas day) (Rick Warren) (Christmas at Saddleback) (Christmas 2018). (Delays in life) (Trusting God) (Stress relief) (God is never in a hurry)
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