SC father charged with killing kids: expert describes what was found in car

Published 2019-05-16
Stacy Jones, a former forensic scientist specializing in crime scene analysis in Mississippi, testified in Timothy Jones Jr.'s murder trial. The South Carolina man is accused of killing his five children in 2014.

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  • Mã Kokoro
    If anyone thinks this man was schizophrenic and kill his kids during a schizophrenic rage, is totally wrong. I worked at a group home for 7 years. There was a client that was a schizophrenic and she didn't had the mentality to plan something like this. We always needed to keep a close eye on her and give her meds on time other wise she would be all talking to herself, and with nervous ticks. This guys knew what he was doing, he planned everything. He couldn't deal witg the responsibility of taking care of his kids.
  • Lv Rose
    What is sickening is that everybody around those kids knew that something was happening they reported it to Child Services and they did nothing absolutely nothing for them.
  • Diane Hazen
    I feel so sick physically & my heart hurts for these children. They didn't deserve this. No punishment is enough for this pos.
  • There’s something especially cold-hearted as well as telling about his purchase of protective body gear alongside the tools for dismembering his own children. He had enough wherewithal to think of his own physical safety. Fuck.🥺
  • toyyatoy
    To even contemplate sawing into your child’s lifeless body…. Even that is impossibly sickening to me.
  • Karen M
    He seems very alert for someone on copious amounts of anti-psychotic medication. His lists were remarkably organised for someone who was insane. It will be interesting to hear the experts explain what they think.
  • Pam Collins
    What I don’t get is how the defence attorneys talk and interact with their murdering client like he is a normal person?? I could not do their job!
  • Camille
    The smiling face on that paper made me cringe!! What a PSYCHO!
  • OCDTraci
    It is REPULSIVE how, right next to his brainstorm of how to dispose of the bodies, was a grocery list! Like it was just another day!
  • A B
    Never have I watched a case that made me gag 🤢. There are no words. How gruesome. What a sick f$&k. I don’t even know what to ask in regards to why - I am speechless. Omg how does a person do this. just how? Kill one child then decide to kill all of them. How can you so graphically come up with all these horrible ways to dispose of his children 🤢🤢🤢🤮.
  • Jules C
    Surely someone buying those items together must trigger an alert to police?!?! In today’s data world an automatic flag should go up 🙄
  • I just found this trial today and I was wondering if anyone could tell me if they found the 5 children’s bodies? I heard he said he put them in trash bags and put them in a forest. I just haven’t heard if they found those poor babies.
  • Tangerine
    Sickens me that some people choose to have kids when there not fit to be parents in the first place.
  • old fan
    Good to know Jones was so safety conscious....
  • Victoria Dockery
    My mom used to babysit his kids when i was younger in Redbank. I would hep out if i was needed. It's a shame of what happened to those kids.. they were so sweet, caring and loving. Tim, I hope you rot in hell for what you did to those babies.. I'm so sorry kids.. Y'all didn't deserve that
  • Poison Ivy
    To even have the gall to make a smiley face on the same piece of paper he’s used to scheme his plan for the precious babies.
    presumptive positive is not a positive I like how experts do that in court and the jury has no idea that that's actually not a positive not saying he didn't do it I'm just saying I like how they manipulate their words!! And his attorney should have interjected and did not!! when I listen to what these attorneys put up with in court today it makes me sick!!if you choose to represent someone you have to represent them with all your heart mind and soul whether you think they're guilty or not
  • Monsters are human, they look like us, talk like us, even live like and amongst us, but they don't think like us