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The pandemic from COVID’s point of view. Its mission: to save the planet | King COVID

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Published 10 months ago

What does the current pandemic look like from the point of view of the COVID-19 virus? In this provocative and whimsical animated film, the virus voices his mission — to save the planet! #CBCShortDocs #KingCOVID

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Since the beginning of time, King Covid reveals, viruses and humans have evolved together. While he acknowledges that past pandemics have had disastrous consequences for humans, he points out that civilization has learned valuable lessons from viruses as well. For example, the Black Plague swept through Europe in the mid-1300s and wiped out half the population. In its wake, wide-scale upheaval resulted in a social, scientific and cultural revolution. Europe emerged from the Dark Ages into the light of the Renaissance.

With evocative animation, King Covid reminds us of our disastrous conditions — from air pollution to overpopulation. With the planet at the brink of destruction, the virus justifies having launched this pandemic to stop humans so they could change direction before destroying our shared habitat.

King Covid poses the question: what will we learn from this moment?

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