Timothy Jones Trial Day 12 Dr Richard Frierson Part 1

Published 2019-05-30

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  • Meredith
    This doctor is great, very thorough. He has reviewed the case more thoroughly than any of the other "experts", looked at Tim's entire history, and interviewed Tim on several occasions. He doesn't believe that Tim was schizophrenic... just a depressed, angry drug addict. The defense is fighting a desperate losing battle to prove insanity... they know he wasn't and isn't insane.
  • Mocha Pony
    I'm watching this Dr for a second time.
    His testimony is so informative.
  • Chicka Peas
    I am watching this testimony for the third time because, this doctor is amazing! He just blows Tim Jones out of the water with facts. He knew this case and was ready for this day! He was ready for those children!
  • April F.
    I love the look on the faces of everyone at the defense table as the defense attorney questions this doctor. This doctor is impressive. He actually did his job!
  • Mamaelana
    I love this judge! I love how he stands up and addresses the jury and explains everything. I’ve learned a lot from him. And his accent is pretty 😎 awesome
  • Major Cynic
    Dude was the most coherent witness so far. I can see the defense team's faces slowly melting onto the table. I think Timmy is hitting on the redheaded para.
  • Elizabeth D
    What a fantastic person. He is so professional and really takes time to think through before responding. Would love to be able to spend time learning from this man.
  • JRS 🇨🇦
    It makes no difference whether he is mentally ill or not. He knew right from wrong and he intentionally killed his children. The only fair punishment that he should receive is death. Those kids knew he was going to kill them and sat in terror until he did so. He too should know the feeling that death is coming.
  • R Lily
    I would like to thank the Law &. Crime Network for all of your hard work videoing and uploading all of these educational videos on YouTUBE for all of us to see and be educated on the topic of criminal law. Be Blessed 🙏🏻
  • Rachel Savard
    i've been watching too many of these videos lately, and got to say this is one of my favourite witnesses - when you're not sure whose side they're on, it's a sign of being professional or neutral
  • Dee Fredericks
    Take THAT defence team! Great no nonsense witness, Professor Frierson.
    What, no crocodile tears now for the jury and the cameras “Mr Jones”. I’d be still crying, knowing where you are going!
    💡💰💡💰 Great Job Doctor! Thanks for the NO BULLSHIT approach. I appreciate the to the Point & common sense answers MY MY...How to the point these EXPERTS are where they aren't charging by the hour! Wish all trial had Experts who are paid SALARY and not by the HOUR! 💰💡💰💡
  • Terpin UK
    THANK YOU JUDGE FOR PUTTING THIS LAWYER IN HIS PLACE. He so wants to hammer this expert but can’t; the insanity case is falling apart and he can’t do anything about it. This expert has been very thorough and knows his craft. Andrea Yates was mentally ill and clearly insane when she killed her 5 kids, she didn’t try to hide it. I have more sympathy for her. Her husband ignored all the expert advice and kept impregnating her. This fool is a cold blooded killer......
  • N S
    What a brilliant doctor, u see ugly Tim, that is brilliant, not u… he did an amazing detailed job, he truly was interested in this case, and psychology is his gift! He not only studied it, it is in his veins. Brilliant!!!
  • Pam Collins
    Brilliant expert witness!! So informative and knowledgeable re the murderer’s claim of insanity!!
  • Kimberly Johnson
    This Doctor Plays No Games!! He’s A Beast 😖😖😖😖
  • sara
    This doctor has something wrong with one side of his face, and he is still very sure of himself. He’s very good.