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20 Mistakes Hidden In Disney Movies

TheThings TheThings

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Published 9 months ago

Did You Notice These Small Hidden Mistakes That Slipped Through Disney's Editing! We all have heard the phrase that there’s no such thing as a perfect movie and that definitely applies to your favorite Disney flicks as well! It doesn’t matter how much joy they bring you or the substantial amount of effort and care that is put into them, not all Disney films are perfect, in fact none of them are! From the mouse house’s latest hits such as Raya And The Last Dragon, Luca, Frozen II, and Onward and even plenty of their classics like 101 Dalmatians, Tarzan, and The Lion King, the studio definitely has a few mishaps throughout their film catalogue. It could be something as simple as a prop in the background going missing or moving to another part of the frame or it may be something that doesn’t quite obey the laws of physics like floating shadows and Elsa's hair going through her arm as if it’s a ghost. Sometimes these mistakes can be done on purpose either to make the film more accessible for children, such as having Tarzan’s wounds disappear immediately after a fight scene while other times it just goes along with the fantastical elements of the story like Baby Moana’s footprints on the beach disappearing after mere seconds! While these goofs may have initially felt burdensome to the creative minds at Disney, they’ve brought joy to fans who like to be on the lookout for any small slip-up like it’s a game! It’s time to stay alert and keep a close eye on the screen as we look at just some of the mistakes that are hidden in Disney movies. Subscribe: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Things Chapters: 00:00 Intro 00:28 The Floating Shadows (Frozen) 00:50 The Bowl (Raya & The Last Dragon) 01:13 Teleporting Bike (Luca) 01:36 The Mysterious Ocean (Moana) 02:04 Elsa’s Wacky Hair (Frozen) 02:29 Officer Bronco’s Shades (Onward) 02:48 Maui’s Missing Hook (Moana) 03:09 Flynn’s Cuffs (Tangled) 03:33 The Dam (Frozen II) 03:55 The Magical Rock (Moana) 04:11 The Remains of King Candy (Wreck-It Ralph) 04:32 Changing T-Shirt (Finding Dory) 04:48 The Future (The Incredibles) 05:11 Holding Hands (Pocahontas) 05:26 Reappearing Telephone (Lilo & Stitch) 05:47 Nala’s Everchanging Eyes (The Lion King) 06:08 Ariel’s Blankets (The Little Mermaid) 06:29 Battle Damage (Tarzan) 06:51 Sid’s Alarm (Toy Story) 07:15 Roger’s Hat (101 Dalmatians) 07:40 Outro Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheThingscom/ For more videos and articles visit: https://www.thethings.com Written by: Nate Richard Narrated by: Kydra Ryan Edited by: V.Serhii For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected]
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