‘You Are Aware You’re Violating Texas Law’: Chip Roy Confronts Texas Democrat In Tense House Hearing

Published 2021-07-29

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  • As a Texan, I applaud Roy's tenacity. These representatives can't even answer a direct question. Disgusting.
  • They all kept saying I don't know what that one guy thought, even after being asked what was their thoughts on the issue. Those people need to be fired
  • @Akandofaul
    "im ready to be arrested I am not breaking the law" while breaking the law I guess? Lady you are not Rosa Parks, you ain't impressing anyone.
  • These representatives from Texas are making themselves look unknowledgeable about things they should be aware of to be voting on any issue.
  • @alarson1799
    "Do you agree with that statement?"

    "I am not aware of that statement."

    Well, he just made you aware of it. Now, answer the question.
  • @karen2711
    Charge them all. Disgrace to the whole US
  • @ChillyJack
    Republican officials need to actually start enforcing laws instead of just talking big for the camera.
  • I love it how they can’t confirm or deny and they dance around the questions
  • @faaea13
    The cool thing is, Texas has separate laws that other states do not and they can enforce those laws and actually break off and be independent from the other 49 states. This is something that I think needs to happen especially right now with all the tyranny.
  • @nuttbuttzebra
    I always laugh when people are in capable of answering a basic question because the truth doesn’t line up with their feelings 😂😂😂
  • 🙌 Arrest them! They've ALL clearly broken their OATHS of OUR OFFICES !
  • @oolum
    Every single one of those Democrats need to go to JAIL!!!
  • @elgar7252
    Can we take a moment to appreciate Roy here ripping them to shreds?
  • You go Chip! Proud to have you as the Congressional Rep for my district.
  • @npotter1776
    "I'm representing my constituents" says the woman NOT in Texas
  • when Thompson said she was ready to be arrested they should have marched her right out of there and straight to jail as well as strip her of her congressional seat.
  • @Reefahholic
    Stand with Texas! We will fight these tyrants.
  • The fact they do not know the law or choose to disregard the law means they have broken their vow. They should be removed office immediately and charges should be brought against them.
  • @Relayer6a
    What a scary thought that we have representatives who are too intimidated by the liability of their words to go on the record. Is it any wonder that nothing can get accomplished?