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Evolution of the Quarterback: History of Every Style From Scramblers to Cannon Arms! | NFL Explained

NFL Throwback NFL Throwback

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Published 2 months ago

It has been dubbed the highest profile position in ALL of sports: NFL Quarterback. So its time to see how the position has evolved, from a time when throwing the ball was rare, and considered an act of desperation, to an era where the pass has taken over as THE way to move the ball on offense. See who the 10 most IMPORTANT QBs to ever have played the game are, while seeing which other signal callers over time followed in their footsteps. Its NFL Explained: The Evolution of the QB Tree! The NFL Throwback is your home for all things NFL history. Check out our other channels: NFL Films - YouTube.com/NFLFilms NFL Network- YouTube.com/NFLNetwork NFL Rush - YouTube.com/NFLRush NFL - YouTube.com/NFL #NFL #NFLThrowback #NFLHistory #Football #AmericanFootball #NFLVault
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