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Menopause: a sisterhood of Indigenous women gather to rant, laugh and share stories | KaYaMenTa

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Published 1 year ago

A Cree filmmaker reaches out to the strongest and smartest Indigenous women she knows to get their insight into “the change.” Through candid stories and much laughter, they delve into ideas of sexuality, aging, spirituality and healing around menopause. #CBCShortDocs #KaYaMenTa

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Five Indigenous women gather to share food and stories about a phase in life with little support or shared knowledge. KaYaMenTa invites our sisters and our viewers to face their own fears of getting older and tackles the taboo around menopause through an Indigenous woman’s lens – one that engages with sexuality, aging, spirituality and healing.

This documentary brings together five incredibly resilient, smart and witty Indigenous sisters: Maori actor Rena Owen, actor Michelle Thrush, activist and educator Doreen Manuel, director Renae Morriseau and comedian Sharon Shorty to share their experiences. Through candid conversation, they explore hot flashes and sweaty nights, bringing sexy back, mood swings, and failed attempts to get useful information from family and physicians on their body’s transformation. Each of these stories is told, “Native style: with lots of joking and tears!”

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