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Great Is Thy Faithfulness

Lovell Connor Lovell Connor

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Published 7 years ago

Once In A Life Time Moment The wedding of Dr. Anthony M. Chandler, Sr. & Lady Taleshia Chandler, November 9, 1996 Paula Huggins ~ Soloist Ricky Alexander ~ Organist Mount Olive Baptist Church ~ Bishop Oscar Brown Great Is Thy Faithfulness Back Story: 04-17-2016- The groom is now Rev. Anthony Chandler of Ceda Baptist Church in Richmond, Virginia. 1st Lady Taleshia is at this time battling breast cancer. Send up prayers for them both. Their 20th anniversary is coming up in November. You can pull up Pastor Chandler sermons on you tube. If you go to their FB you will see and hear Taleshia Power house I Won't Complain.You must read " A Divine Detour" by Taleshia Chandler PH.D. It is a book of pure divine inspiration. When you feel like your back is up against a wall and you are paralyzed with fear, this book will give you the strenght to fight what ever battles you are having. Order online: CertaPublishing.com/ADivineDetour or call 1-855-77-CERTA - OR Email [email protected] Lovell Video Production Co.
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