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I Went To Heaven (2021) || Alwyn Matthew

Downpour Church Downpour Church

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Published 4 months ago

Ps Alwyn Matthew shares about a recent experience he had where he visits heaven.
Our prayer is that this sermon will be of encouragement to you, knowing that Jesus is closer than we think.

00:00 Introduction
01:17 My Previous Encounter
03:00 My Diagnosis of Depression
06:37 I Went to Heaven
07:24 What I Felt in Heaven
10:00 What I Say in Heaven
18:20 Four Causes that Stop Church Mission
21:38 Downpour Mansion
23:00 We Will See Stadiums Packed
26:00 My Meeting With Dr Cho
35:42 Don't Quit Your Mission
47:30 Prayer
53:15 Outro

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