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Life on the Spectrum: Women Sharing their Unique Experiences

UC Davis MIND Institute UC Davis MIND Institute

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Published 1 year ago

This panel discussion will explore the unique stories of several autistic women as they share their perspectives across the life span. The panelists will highlight strengths and challenges related to diagnosis, co-occurring conditions, social and sensory experiences, education, parenting, family life, careers, and community. The panel will be moderated by Jacquelyn Fede, Ph.D., Assistant Research Professor, University of Rhode Island, Department of Psychology and Co-founder/Co-director at Autism Level UP! and Nicole Sparapani, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, Assistant Professor, School of Education at UC Davis and the UC Davis MIND Institute. Panelists: Kristen Godfrey, autistic advocate, LEND Alumni, Developmental Psychology Graduate student, parent to two autistic boys, Lisa Malins, bioinformatician, UC Davis Biotechnology Class of 2020, autistic neurodiversity advocate, Erica Mineo, autistic advocate, musician, and undergraduate pre-veterinary student (Biological Sciences), Chloe Rankin, B.A. University of California, Davis, Motivational Speaker on Autism, Graduate Student, Overcomer of Disability Stigma. Part of the 2020 SUMMER INSTITUTE ON NEURODEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES
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