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Being black, non-religious, and a homeschooler || homeschool mom

nontraditionalmommy nontraditionalmommy

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Published 8 months ago

Hi Family, I hope you are staying safe and sane! There has been a lot of talks and canceling of homeschool curriculums for not being inclusive and correct in their representation of American and Black history. I wanted to share my thoughts and feeling as a black homeschooling, non-religious homeschool mom. Thanks for watching! If you're already a part of the nontraditional family, you are the 🏆 and I love you bunches! If you haven't joined the family yet, what are you waiting for?! Hit the subscribe button and get your MVP trophy! Purchase my book Arrive: https://amzn.to/3gCJYHF https://www.lulu.com/search?adult_aud... woke history: www.wokehomeschooling.com Let's stay connected Instagram: @nontraditionalmommy *some links may be affiliate links thanks for supporting me and helping me upgrade my video-making game!*
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