I Went Vintage Shopping Across Asia

Published 2021-08-29
HELLO FRIENDS!! So for a bit of a throwback video, this week I'm going to be showing you guys some long-lost footage from our East Asia trip in 2019, where we went shopping at 8 different vintage stores in 3 different countries.

Now 2 years ago, we went on a trip to East Asia for three weeks, to visit Tokyo, Seoul, and Hong Kong to explore beauty & fashion trends, different shopping experiences, and cheese.

And while we were there, I thought it would be cool to visit a couple of vintage clothing stores in each location to see how they compare to each other, as well as how they compare to vintage stores back in the US. And also of course to gather myself an international vintage clothing haul. What do you guys think??

RinRin's channel: youtube.com/rinrindolljapan (English channel)
youtube.com/user/RinRinDolly (Japanese channel)
HojuSara's channel: youtube.com/user/seoulsarang9095
TinyTip's channel: /channel/UCg2NkfLad1SdlJ76zfUzKEw
Taylor R's channel: youtube.com/user/TaylorR1488

You can find more from the stores here!
Kinsella - www.instagram.com/kinsellatokyo/
Dog Harajuku - www.instagram.com/p/CTE4gIXpxWB/
Punk Cake - www.instagram.com/punk_cake/
Hantage - www.instagram.com/hantage_official/
Ring My Button - www.instagram.com/ringmybutton_official/
Vintage Bonnie - www.instagram.com/vintage.bonnie/
Mee & Gee - www.facebook.com/meegeeco (www.instagram.com/meegee_co/)
Midwest Vintage - www.instagram.com/midwestvintage/

Resources to learn more about what's been going on in Hong Kong -
BBC articles about 2019 protests & beyond:

Vox borders videos:
   • China is erasing ...  
   • Hong Kong’s huge ...  

Also, all of this footage was filmed in 2019, pre-lockdown, so that's why we are flying around & not wearing masks! RinRin is wearing a face mask in one shop, but that's because she had a cold at the time. And, there is a "no photos allowed" sign visible in Dog, but we did get permission to film there!

This video is NOT sponsored!!

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  • Safiya Nygaard
    HELLO FRIENDS!! here is a bit of a ~throwback~ to some long-lost footage from our east asia trip in 2019. i hope you guys enjoy it, even after such a long time, and here's to hoping we'll all be able to travel again sometime soon ❤️ as mentioned, all of this footage was filmed in 2019, pre-lockdown, so that's why we are flying around & not wearing masks! RinRin is wearing a face mask in one shop, but that's because she had a cold at the time. and, there is a "no photos allowed" sign visible in Dog, but we did get permission to film there! xoxo, saf
  • Taylor R
    This turned out so good!! I want to go back to Midwest now and grab a fringe jacket 😍 Miss you guys, come back soon! ❤️
  • Nelsaline
    the Japanese thrift stores literally had me foaming at the mouth. every shot contained something I wanted to buy istg
  • S
    R.I.P HojuSara. 🖤🖤 I will always remember your charming smile and just how happy, bright, and lovely you always were. You brought sunshine and joy to all of us. My deepest condolences to the loved ones of both Sara and Hyun. 😔☀️🕊
  • dkalisd
    Safiya, as a Hongkonger, I really appreciate that you have mentioned the protests of Hong Kong and linked articles about it. Thank you so much! And this vlog, even if it's 2 years late, is still amazing as always as your other videos! <3
  • Ellen Thompson
    Almost preferred getting to see this with some perspective and nostalgia attached. It was less jarring in some ways then going and finding old material to watch again. You answered my questions and acknowledged the gift of travel. Loved it! So glad you had time and space to make this video :)
  • Jynnger
    Awww this video coming up suggested today is kind of sad but still good. Rest In Peace Sara still finding joy in seeing you in videos
  • I’m so excited that this is out! I know we filmed it like two years ago but it does not feel like that long ago! I still love how you found the only black clothes in the pastel and pink vintage stores haha 😂 Tiny and I miss both of you guys! Hopefully we’ll get to see you guys again soon! We’ve found many more delicious restaurants to take you guys to for the next food tour! Some of them may include cheese... 😉
  • Yoga With Bird
    oh my gosh, please make more of these when you travel! I loved seeing all the styles hehe so cool 🤩
  • Samii Serrano
    Came back to watch this video because I just read the news that Sara passed away recently. I started to watch a few of her videos after this video Safiya uploaded. May she Rest In Peace 🕊
  • 0128rachel
    I am from Hong Kong and I haven't been home for a year, and your footage is giving me so much emotions TT thank you so much for mentioning the situation and showing such a beautiful side of my home!!!
  • One of my happiest memories is just lying on my bed with my cat watching a Safiya Nygaard video before dinner. For some reason in that moment I just felt absolutely in peace with the world, and happy and loved.
    My cat of 12 years died last week from cancer, but before he did I got to lie on the floor next to him and watch the first half of this video and listen to him purr for a bit longer. I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish this video anytime soon, but it was really nice to get to have that goodbye to him
  • Madison Melvin
    I miss Sara so much. I am so sad she is gone. She was such an amazing person.
  • Katie Sewell
    So bittersweet rewatching this today. I’m so sorry for your loss Safiya, Sara was such a lovely bright person. And she also made so many puns! ❤❤❤
  • Dior Carson
    Japanese thrift has hands down been one of the best experiences of my life, everything immaculate
  • Brighton J
    The middle dress at 20:45 was so crazy to see! My grandma brought that dress back from Hawaii for my mom as a souvenir before I was born. Then my mom later gifted it to me and I used it to play dress up! Crazy small world stuff 😂
  • Lol, I love how they went to Asia to see American thrift stores 😂
  • Yo Queen
    Honestly safiya’s videos are so timeless, this was literally two years in the making and it’s still amazing.
  • senpai lee
    Watching this video and seeing Sarah almost made me cry. I still can't believe she is gone.