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Is It Worth the Wait? (w/ Stephanie Ike, Sarah Jakes Roberts & Essence Atkins)

The Same Room The Same Room

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Published 1 year ago

Waiting is apart of our everyday lives, every desire we have is attached to a wait. On this Same Room Special Episode, Sarah Jakes Roberts and Essence Atkins join Stephanie Ike to discuss how we live between the gap of our desire and whether or not it’s fulfilled. Sarah Jakes Roberts is the founder of Woman Evolve, a movement designed to empower women to shatter the glass ceilings that once limited their ability to dream, grow, and change the world. Essence Atkins, is an actress we all know and love. From the Cosby Show, to Smart Guy, and Half and Half, she has continuously graced our screens teaching us the beautiful complexities that come out of family life, all the while off screen, being a woman who leads a life putting God first.

In this episode they will discuss how their seasons of waiting proved to be the place that held the keys to unlock their purpose.

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