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Learn How To Recover From Your Mistakes with Rick Warren

Saddleback Church Saddleback Church

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Published 5 years ago

http://saddleback.com — Everybody needs recovery. We are all broken people in need of help — emotional, physical, or mental. God’s plan for his people is recovery. Through Celebrate Recovery, God has spread his message of hope and recovery all over the world. He doesn’t want you to miss out on what he has planned for your life. In this message at Saddleback Church, Pastor Rick Warren celebrates the 25th anniversary of Celebrate Recovery with a message called Don’t Throw Away Your Birthright. You’ll learn how God uses recovery to restore us and the eight crucial aspects of recovery. To learn more about how Celebrate Recovery can help you start your journey of recovery, visit http://www.celebraterecovery.com. (Saddleback Church) (Unshakable Life) (Unshakable) (Unshakable Series) (Birthright) (Esau) (Michael Phelps) (Ray Lewis) (Recovery) (Identity) (Heredity) (Dignity) (Destiny) (Human Behavior) (Inheritance) (Children of God) (Repentance) (Repent) (CR) (John Baker) (25 Years) (Celebrate Recovery Summit) (West Coast Summit) (Child of God)
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