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ALONE WITH WOLVES / Real Siberia / Adventure

Published 1 year ago

Most of us have seen this animal only in photographs and have never encountered it in the wild. When we hear the word "wolf", we imagine a stereotyped scary and blood-thirsty beast that has no mercy.
But are they really like that? Or, perhaps, humans have stuck this stigma on wolves unfairly? To investigate the true nature of wolves two naturalists are going to the most remote corner of Siberia, to those secluded, truly wild places, where nature lives its primeval life, to the Putorana Plateau, a place where wolves have never seen human-beings.
The naturalists will spend 9 months on the Putorana Plateau, in the true “kingdom of wolves”. Will they be able to see these cautious, intelligent and secretive masters of this severe land? Will they be able to dispel the myth about the "blood-thirsty killers"? Searching for the wolves and their dens is a real gamble …
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