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Where Is His Mom? Mẹ ở đâu? Chợ Lớn 53 Year Adoption Story

Kyle Le Dot Net Kyle Le Dot Net

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Published 3 years ago

More Info: https://ibb.co/eNLbi0
This is what we know: Peter was born on the 16th of December, 1964 at Nha San Cho Lon on Pho Co Dieu and Dang Minh Khiem.
His mom had a mole on her chin and her last name was Mach.
Peter should have at least one brother or sister who are 3 to 5 years older than him. And maybe his father's last name was Tang

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Or Peter at [email protected]

Thank you.

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Original Music by Antti Luode.
Filmed with a Panasonic G7 14-140mm. 15mm
Audio from a Rode Micro / Rode Link
Dji Spark http://www.easyshopdrone.com
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