The Parents Who Lost 3 Children In A Car Accident Then Had Triplets | The Oprah Winfrey Show | OWN

Published 2019-11-04
The lives of Lori and Chris Coble were shattered in an instant when they lost their three children in a car accident on May 4, 2007. Almost exactly one year later, in an absolutely miraculous twist of fate, Chris and Lori had triplets. In 2010, Lori and Chris shared with Oprah their story of story of unimaginable loss, unbelievable courage, and an undeniable second chance. For more on #oprahwinfreyshow, visit

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The Parents Who Lost 3 Children In A Car Accident Then Had Triplets | The Oprah Winfrey Show | OWN

All Comments (21)
  • Paris Queen
    These parents are so brave. Their triplets were a definite sign that their three older children are safe.
  • Mandy Rose
    I'm an ICU nurse, and I still have nightmares about how horrific it is to tell a parent that their child didn't survive. I still have my moments where I hold my kids and beg God that I never experience the pain those parents felt.
    I can't stop crying. Those poor babies. And to honor them by giving the triplets their late siblings middle names, such a beautiful thing.
  • Doris Rudy
    I remember....I lost five in my family. 18 wheeler hit us head on. When I came out of my coma, age 14, I found out my life was forever gone, changed. God bless these people, this family. They are together in memories, and in the future. Always together. I have children and grandchildren now, and I still see my family. My Mama, my little brother, my grandmother, my cousins...Even in total devastation, God still has his loving hands on us.
  • petlover🐾
    That was an unimaginable tragedy losing three of her children I can't imagine the pain that those parents have gone through my heart goes out to them.
  • i cant stop coming back to this video.

    kyle, katie, emma were little angels who was taken too soon. we’ll always remember them. no matter what. i hope lori + chris are improving. im so proud of lori for being so strong. and chris as well. none of the kids were replaced but the parents were definitely blessed. i hope jake, ellie, and ashley grow up honoring kyle, emma, katie’s memory.

    i have goosebumps thinking about how old the kids would be.

    kyle would be 20, emma would be 19, little katie would be 17.

    i first watched this video back in 2020, i bawled the entire video. i have watched this video multiple times. i just cant forget kyle or emma or katie. i hope they’re in a better place watching over jake, ashley, and ellie.

    this is just heartbreaking. 💔

    ill be back soon to watch this again to remember kyle, emma, and katie’s story. i always come back on their birthdays.
  • M Chapman
    You can never replace a deceased any age. They have six children, three with them, three in Heaven. Bless them.
  • ASM Blondie
    I still remember this like it was yesterday. My home was the next exit after the crash in Mission Viejo, CA. I remember the emergency response teams & police on site. This tragedy flooded our news station & our community came together in support of them. Whenever I go past this spot, I always think of them and their family. God Bless them.
  • Peachy
    Seeing the man tear up about not being able save the kids made to want to cry. Heartbreaking for everyone involved.
  • LADY J
    It's amazing how she gave birth to triplets 2, girls and a little brother. God does work in mysterious ways. May they have the strength to raise triplets and never forget about the the precious little ones they lost.
  • Tonya Landon
    This couple has strength,faith, and love beyond belief. Losing 3 children is unfathomable, but God blessed them with 3 more. The fact that they intertwine their children in heaven with their children that are presently with them now is so touching and wonderful.
  • bella jean
    I lost my only child. It was the most pain I ever suffered. Over time I just learned to exist. So sorry for these parents.
  • Come Agyn
    The fact that the parents were able to be intimate after that tragedy shows how connected they are. This woulda tore apart a couple without a real foundation. Her saying she stayed for him. Beautiful couple.
  • Christine Mohr
    This is heartbreaking. But the fact they had two girls and one boy again, Kyle, Katie and Emma knew they needed them ❤️
  • Christine Shultz
    I have triplets and lost one recently to an unknown brain aneurysm the day after they turned 22. Nothing hurts worse, i can't imagine losing all my kids in one day. God bless them and their ability to live with loss.
  • Ashleigh
    This is truly a miracle and I'm so sorry for their loss. I'm so happy for them and I think it's wonderful that they gave them the same middle names and that they are telling the children about them already, I hope your family stays safe, these triplets were definitely sent by the spirits of the ones they lost. They seem like such a strong family
    My heart goes out to these parents whom have lost not one, but three children. In 1979 when I was 11, my 6 year old baby sister ran out in front of a car and was killed instantly. This tragedy nearly killed us all. My advice to these parents, don't allow this tragedy to pull you apart. Allow it to bring you closer. My dad blamed my mom for not watching my sister more closely and she lived with that for 33 years until she went home to heaven to be with her little girl.
  • Carpenter
    I can't imagine what these parents went and are going through....I really don't know how they survived this mentally I don't think I could have
  • Daryl Wright
    I couldn’t even imagine going on after all three children died. They must have such a strong relationship.
  • Has wap
    For someone who had a car accident 19 years ago and broke 18 bones....I had zero pain when it happened...I felt nothing....I'm writing this because people think that dying or having an accident must be very painful...and it isn't....too much love to this family from incredible and inspiring story to tell and learn from....these 3 Angels didn't suffer when it happened