5 Amazing Animal Behaviours Caught on Spy Camera | BBC Earth

Published 2020-03-17
What DO animals get up to when they think we're not looking? We use spy animals to find out.
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All Comments (21)
  • dasilverwelshman
    Was anybody else surprised to see that spy hippo actually had a whole body rather than just a head with cameras? 😂
  • DeMarcus Trump
    Imagine coming home to be randomly attacked by every member of your family and then see them fight after
  • R. Hay
    Spy orangutan is the most terrifying thing I've ever seen
  • I was stressed watching those tiger cubs wandering everywhere, can’t imagine how stressed the mom was!
  • Makoto Naegi
    I love the way when the cub is poking the lion the siblings are just like: Well let's see what happens
  • male lion: "honey I'm home"

    Female lioness's: "YOU PICKED THE WRONG HOUSE FOOL!!!"
  • nr1que
    Imagine if a more advanced species was observing us like this and we didn’t even know it
  • Šoma Leták
    “Bravely protecting the colony with no thought for herself.” :,(
  • Jillian Isidro
    damn being a mom is so stressful, especially in the wild
  • Kaeruko x3
    “This is her first litter and it’s going to be difficult”
    The mother: “WHY IS IT SCREAMING?!”
  • Doorknob
    I watched this last night when I was high as shit and started dying when I saw the orangutan using the hand saw 😂😂😂
  • Captain Aizen
    When you see Hippos have a higher standard of life than you.
  • Susan F
    Imagine you just minding your own business and a gang of meerkats starts ganging up on you
  • DolliMiu
    Tiger: alright, let’s get this kid back up-

    second tiger cub falls

    Tiger: Okay, as soon as I put this baby back-

    third cub falls

    Tiger: You know what, I’m just gonna give up on this litter.
  • lilprismusic
    I feel bad for them meerkats when they actually encounter a real snake, and they probably will be like 'wassup homie'.
  • Daniela Ponce
    The hippos were like “get in loser we’re going to the spa 🧖🏼‍♀️💆🏻‍♀️”
  • Angie Baby
    Them tigers flipping down the sharp ass rocks was stressing me out lol
  • Julesclues
    I’m so stupid. At first I thought “what a weird cobra” but it’s a fake one 😂😂😂😂
  • The spy animals record real animals, but who records the spy animals recording the real animals???