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Stanford Hospital's Dr. Ian Carroll on Nerve Pain

Stanford Health Care Stanford Health Care

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Published 8 years ago

Neuropathic (Nerve) Pain -- from Toe to Head Dr. Ian Carroll discusses neuropathic pain, which involves damage to the nerve. The condition causes the nerves to fire incessantly, even if the initial source of the pain has been remedied. The brain responds by creating an ongoing message of pain. Speaker: Ian Carroll, MD, Assistant Professor, Anesthesia, Stanford University Medical Center The librarians at Stanford Health Library are eager to help you find trustworthy information to answer your health-related questions. Services are free and open to all. Get in touch: https://healthlibrary.stanford.edu/re... Take 5 minutes for yourself. Check out the free mindfulness and meditation resources from Stanford Health Library: https://healthlibrary.stanford.edu/bo...
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